In the photographs below are some of the people who make a truly remarkable product. Many were taught this craft from their parents, and grandparents, brothers and sisters. Years of sewing countless yards of fabric through a needle and thread for hours each day is a skill which represents a noble occupation and much more than just a days work. Stanbury Uniforms has provided a livelihood for families in and around Brookfield, MO for nearly 100 years. Yes, American made, by people who indeed care and understand they depend on customers who understand and appreciate quality and value. Stanbury tells a lasting American story. Read between the lines and discover a company that delivers beyond expectations. On behalf of everyone at Stanbury, THANK YOU!

The Stanbury Uniforms entire team at the 50 year anniversary

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Gary RobertsGary Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts, Stanbury Uniforms beloved CEO and great friend to many, passed away on April 18, 2017 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Gary Roberts became President/CEO of Stanbury Uniforms in 1993. After a career as a band director, retail music store owner/operator and many years as a performing musician, Gary joined Stanbury as a sales representative, sales manager, and then President/CEO. “My love for marching band has been an integral part of my life from my childhood through today.”

Gary has always been drawn to pageantry with particular regard to uniforms for marching band and drum corps. He remembers attending a Michigan State Notre Dame football game as a child and what stuck with him was the magic created by the marching bands. The bands marched across the college campus prior to the game and he can remember running along side to keep up the entire way.

Years later, Gary performed at the halftime of the Super Bowl with his college band (back when they actually showed the halftime performances on TV) and he was always the guy making sure everyone’s hats were on straight! “So I guess it makes total sense that with a career as a band director, a musician, a businessman, and a lover of the marching arts that I would have the pleasure of leading Stanbury into what will be its 100 year anniversary next year.”

Gary’s four sons and three of his granddaughters have and are participants in high school and college band and drum corps.

Gary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Southeast Missouri State University.

Jim Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoJim Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Jim Elliott

As the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, it is Jim Elliott’s responsibility to oversee all the financial transactions and work with the Human Resources team at Stanbury.

Jim first started with Stanbury in 1977 and steadily rose to his current position. Having a long family history filled with music, Jim is an active musician to this day. This unique love of both music and math has made Jim an essential part of the Stanbury team.

Jim enjoys spending time with his family and playing the drums in a local classic rock band. He also is an avid golfer.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Northeast Missouri State University.

SteveBW2 Steve

Steve Roberts

As the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Steve Roberts is responsible for overseeing ongoing business operations within the company. Steve has been with Stanbury Uniforms since June of 1996. He grew up with a passion for music. Steve played numerous instruments in his father’s high school band.

Steve enjoys spending time with his two daughters as well as cooking, traveling, and following sports.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Florida State University and also an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Carter Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoCarter Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Carter Sappington

Carter first joined the Stanbury team in 1973 when our founder, Will Stanbury, was still active in the day to day activities of the company. He has been pivotal in passing on the knowledge and philosophy of Mr. Stanbury and has been a major factor in the company’s success over the years.

Outside of work, Carter enjoys woodworking and spending time with his wife, two daughters and one grandchild.

Carter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northwestern Missouri State University.

Carlos Rivera

As the newest member of the Stanbury team, Carlos Rivera serves as the Director of Manufacturing. Carlos’ responsibility is to oversee product assembly, coordinate the production assets with needs and to manage the personal need for direct labor. Carlos brings to our company 29 years worth of lean successful experiences varying from engineering to plant management. He is a genuine solution seeker in all processes overseen in production.

Outside of work, Carlos enjoys BBQ pit cooking as well as watching his children play sports (especially soccer!)

Carlos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.

BeckyBWBecky Still

Becky Still

As the Field Sales Manager, it is Becky Still’s responsibility to schedule the production calendar, monitor the coordination of material needs with purchasing and production, facilitate shipping methods and needs, and act as connection for numerous sales representatives for the company. She also oversees the warranty assurance of orders, manages the house accounts and manages the administrative office.

Becky first joined the Stanbury team in 1998 as an Account Specialist and quickly progressed to her position today. She has always believed that the service to the customer should be of the highest importance when creating a product and continues to be a strong advocate for our customers each day.

When not working, Becky uses her organizational skills and laid back attitude to arrange local fundraisers and serves as an officer on her alumni committee. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, cooking and being outdoors with family and friends.

Becky studied Business and Office Technology at Moberly Area Community College.

Cheryl Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoCheryl Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Cheryl Riddle

As the office Controller, Cheryl Riddle is responsible for payroll, and manages the receivable and payable accounts.

Cheryl first joined the Stanbury team in 1984 as an order clerk and steadily rose to her current position. She has always strived to ease the process for the customer when dealing with payment options.

When not working, Cheryl maximizes her patience and meticulous attention while hunting. She also is no stranger to hard work as she and her family own and operate a farm with cattle and chickens.

Cheryl holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Franklin University-Columbus.

Roberta Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoRoberta Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Roberta White

As Plant Manager, Roberta White is responsible for managing production and tracking orders as well as samples in the plant all while working to ensure top quality and efficiency. She also manages the trouser department and oversees the offsite sister plant.

Roberta first joined the Stanbury team in 1988 in the production line and steadily rose to her current position. She has always been driven to maintain high standards of quality and believes knowledge should be gained everyday.

When not working, Roberta enjoys reading and being with her family. She also loves a glass of fine wine.


Libby Gladbach

Libby Gladbach is the Director of Product Development. She is responsible for the patterning of all products and oversees research and development of new products. Libby joined the team in 2008 after college graduation and now works closely with the design, production and the sales teams to create innovative products and to perfect the fit of the products Stanbury offers.

When not at work, Libby serves as secretary on the board of directors at the local YMCA to raise money and serve the community. Libby also works at the local YMCA teaching Zumba on weeknights. She enjoys reading and loves to cook as well as entertain.

Libby holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and Apparel Management: Product Development from the University of Missouri.

Brent Becker Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoBrent Becker Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Brent Becker

The designs of artist-educator Brent W. Becker have had tremendous impact on the current look of band uniforms. His portfolio of work demonstrates that it is possible to innovate while preserving tradition.

For Brent, a uniform does more than create uniformity or present an image – it is an expression of power and unity that echoes the passion of performance and reflects the unique visual heritage of the marching activity. Brent has recently worked with The Blue Stars, Santa Clara Vanguard, Madison Scouts, Pacific Crest, and Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps, as well as many of the nation’s top marching ensembles in the development of new uniforms.

Brent’s incredible drawing abilities; experience as a performer and educator; and, his knowledge of historical and contemporary uniform design laid the groundwork for his career as the Design Consultant at Stanbury Uniforms – a world-wide leader in uniform manufacturing.

To learn more about Brent, visit the Brent Becker Designs page.

AlysonBWAlyson Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Alyson Sayre

As a member of the Stanbury team since 2012, Alyson Sayre is the Bid Specialist Buyer. It is her responsibility to process all company bids, place purchase orders with our vendors. Amongst the towering stacks of paperwork Alyson works through, she also places purchase orders for tarps and flags for our amazing clients.

When not at work, Alyson uses her organizational skills and thorough manner to help carry out benefit auctions with her husband. She works to care for the animals on the family’s small hobby ranch. Alyson also enjoys watching NASCAR and playing golf with friends and family.

Jill Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoJill Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Jill Gooch

As one of the youngest members of the Stanbury team, Jill Gooch is the Purchasing Agent. Her responsibilities are to organize and place orders as well as follow up with vendors on materials essential for uniform production.

Jill uses her creative talents and organizational skills to serve as a volunteer for her church’s vacation bible school.  In her spare time, Jill enjoys reading, cooking and crafting.  She is also an avid health advocate who is known for her amazing salads garnished with homemade vinaigrettes.

Jill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design with a minor in Marketing from Missouri State University.


Carrie Gregory

As a member of the Stanbury team since 1999, Carrie Gregory is the Senior Graphic Artist. It is her responsibility to produce technical sketches, create imprints for garment bags, as well as correspond with the Marketing and Sublimation teams.

Carrie exemplifies her team-oriented strong work ethic in helping with her church’s philanthropic activities. She also enjoys cooking food fresh from her garden and creating arts and crafts in her spare time.

Carrie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art from Missouri Western State University.

HeatherHeather Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Heather York

As the Sublimation Specialist, Heather York is responsible for textile design as well as the production of all products requiring sublimation printing. No stranger to the Stanbury family, Heather worked four summers on the production line before joining the team full time in 2013.

Heather uses her creative talents and organizational skills outside of work to serve at her parish. In her spare time, she delights in sculpting, photography and exploring the great outdoors. She also enjoys going for a run every day.

Heather holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design with minors studies in Sculpture from Northwest Missouri State University.


Julie Noll

Joining the Stanbury family in 2014, Julie Noll is the Accounting Assistant. Her responsibilities are to work with purchase orders, correspond with customers and sales representatives for invoicing purposes, as well as maintaining organization of paperwork.

Julie knows more than just a thing or two about multi-tasking and organization having two children and a husband of 24+ years. All members of the family (Julie included) are highly involved with the community as well as a menagerie of events ranging from drama productions to the planning of fundraising dances.

In her spare time, Julie loves to bake, crochet and fish on her farm.

Julie studied Mid Management at Moberly Area Community College.


Chelsea Davis

As an Account Specialist, Chelsea is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products.

In her time away from work, Chelsea enjoys working out, going to Cardinals games, and planning her upcoming wedding!

Chelsea joined the team in 2016 after graduating from Missouri Western State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.


Diana Wheeler

Joining the Stanbury team in 2009 as an Account Specialist, Diana Wheeler is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products.

When not at work, Diana utilizes her strong memory and organizational skills to manage her family of six children with her husband. She also serves as the local Band Booster President and volunteers to raise funds for her children’s school.

Diana studied at Meramec Community College.


Emily Burris

As an Account Specialist, Emily Burris is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products. Emily joined the Stanbury team in 2015.
Emily’s straightforward approach and ability to empathize assists in creating thorough translation of directions for production.

Emily enjoys Italian cuisine, attending concerts, has a love for animals, and is a Pinterest recipe entrepreneur.

Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management and Human Resources Management from Columbia College.


Leslie Bussman

As an Account Specialist, Leslie Bussman is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products. Leslie joined the Stanbury team in 2007.

Leslie uses her long memory and attention to detail when performing in the annual fundraiser play at her children’s school. She enjoys traveling and off-roading with her husband and two children in her spare time.

Leslie studied Business Administration at Moberly Area Community College.

MarshaMarsha Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Marsha McCabe

As an Account Specialist, Marsha McCabe is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products. Marsha first joined the Stanbury team as an employee in the production line 20 years ago and returned to stay in 2007.

Marsha’s attention to detail and teamwork-oriented attitude have helped her to lead her church’s children’s group. Married with two daughters, Marsha’s days are filled with family. She enjoys going for evening walks and a good cup of coffee.


Valerie Washam

Joining the Stanbury team in 1986 as an Account Specialist, Valerie Washam is responsible for working with the sales team to write technical specifications and organize the production of products.

Outside of the office, Valerie devotes her time to her husband, two children and three grandchildren. She also loves to keep up with life long friends and her famous pickle appetizers are a staple at any gathering with friends and family.

VickiVicki Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Vicki Batye

Vicki Batye started at Stanbury in 1971 as a worker in the production line and steadily moved up to her current position as the Sizing Coordinator. It is Vicki’s responsibility to convert each student’s raw measurements to a uniform size.

For over 36 years, Vicki has been a member of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. She has used her organizational skills and team work attitude to help raise money for college scholarships, the local food pantry and other community projects over the years. Vicki is married and has two children.


Tricia Cleveland

Tricia Cleveland works as the Front Office Assistant. She is responsible for greeting our clients at the front window and by phone. She is also the Hazmat Committee Coordinator, as well as being responsible for keeping Stanbury’s customer database up to date.

Tricia’s highly social personality is utilized and strengthened by staying involved with local organizations. She is an avid 5K runner, hunter, Missouri Tiger fan and garage sale enthusiast.

Tricia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and Apparel Management: Apparel Marketing and Merchandising from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Diane Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoDiane Stanbury Uniforms Staff Photo

Diane Bennett

Diane Bennett began her career after high school with Stanbury Uniforms in 1976. She worked for 34 years in the production line with 14 years as a supervisor. Currently, Diane works in the office as a Pattern Marker, preparing coat parts to be cut in an efficient manner. She has an expansive knowledge of the product construction and continues to be a pivotal role in the company.

When not at work, Diane enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She also enjoys cross-stitching and reading.


Kelly Taylor

As the Colorguard Production Assistant, Kelly Taylor is responsible for training employees, overseeing production of pageantry wear and assisting the Pattern Maker. Kelly joined the Stanbury team as a production employee in 1997 and steadily rose to her current position. She is a wealth of knowledge having work experience in almost every concentration of production.

Kelly’s great passion for the pageantry arts mirrors the quality time she devotes to her two children. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and going on road-tripping adventures.


Lisa Linebaugh

As one of the newest members of the Stanbury team, Lisa Linebaugh works as a Pattern Marker. Lisa’s responsibilities include preparing uniform parts to be cut in an efficient manner as well as delivering markers to the production floor. She joined the Stanbury team in 2015. Lisa’s strong attention to detail and organizational skills assist in creating the proper layout for each order.

When not at work, Lisa enjoys road trips, house browsing, and riding four-wheelers with friends as well as her husband and three children. Lisa’s next endeavor is to learn how to quilt.