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Are you “Drawn to Excellence”?

A passion for the marching arts, boundless curiosity, an encyclopedic knowledge of the uniform and its storied past, realized through exquisite illustration – All this and more is at your disposal when you allow me the privilege of designing your band’s new uniform! My name is Brent Becker, and for the past seven years, my studio has been fully dedicated to the art, craft, and science of outfitting the marching musician.

Stanbury’s Design Consultant

As Stanbury’s Design Consultant, I have been honored to work with many top drum corps and an ever-growing number of high school and college bands towards the development of their new look – each group in turn has learned what it means to be “Drawn to Excellence!” Will you be next?

Brent Becker’s Artist Statement

My mission as a designer differs from that of my contemporaries: For starters, we don’t write drill, program music, or choreograph shows in the Brent Becker Design Studio. In fact, I’ve never even served on a judging panel, nor do I profess to be anything more than this generation’s leading designer and illustrator of band uniforms. Put simply: My interests and expertise are focused on the singular pursuit of helping your students look great in uniform!

Brent Becker Portrait Custom Designed Marching Band Uniforms for Stanbury Uniforms

Working With Brent

When you choose to work with me, you will receive a host of amazing designs to help you visualize your band’s new look – But rather than a rehashing of convenient stock images based solely on contemporary trends or some designer’s personal tastes, my work is truly custom from start to finish. Everything I create is based on your performance needs, interests; and, the “character” of your band and the community in which you perform! Understanding and exploring this Performance Context is a crucial component of creating the right uniform for your band – and it’s an aspect of the uniform purchase process you’ll find only with an authentic custom uniform from the Brent Becker Design Studio!

Timeless Craftsmanship

I offer no skill beyond timeless craftsmanship driven by an unparalleled commitment to the individual band. I create innovations that march forward while respecting tradition. I can only promise authentic custom uniforms designed to thrill both performer and audience alike. This is, and always will be, the Brent Becker difference – and together, we will be “Drawn to Excellence!”