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Gary Roberts, Stanbury Uniforms beloved CEO and great friend to many, passed away on April 18, 2017 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Gary Stanbury Uniforms Staff PhotoA former rock band guitarist, band director, and retail music shop owner, Gary joined Missouri-based Stanbury as a sales representative and sales manager before becoming the company’s president and CEO in 1993. Gary was instrumental in finding a group of investors to purchase the company from prior ownership and create an ESOP structure, allowing for the growth and stability to make Stanbury Uniforms the largest band uniform manufacturer in the US and one of the largest employers in the region.

Gary loved life, cherished his family and was so very proud to lead Stanbury Uniforms to it’s 100th year in business. It was his great joy to witness how Stanbury positively impacted the lives of its employees and how Stanbury’s products brought happiness to people around the world.

Gary was a father to 4 sons and a grandfather to 4 young women. He was 69 years old.

Gary Roberts became President/CEO of Stanbury Uniforms in 1993. After a career as a band director, retail music store owner/operator and many years as a performing musician, Gary joined Stanbury as a sales representative, sales manager, and then President/CEO. “My love for marching band has been an integral part of my life from my childhood through today.”

Gary had always been drawn to pageantry with particular regard to uniforms for marching band and drum corps. He remembered attending a Michigan State Notre Dame football game as a child and what stuck with him was the magic created by the marching bands. The bands marched across the college campus prior to the game and he ran along side to keep up the entire way.

Years later, Gary performed at the halftime of the Super Bowl with his college band (back when they actually showed the halftime performances on TV) and he was always the guy making sure everyone’s hats were on straight! “So I guess it makes total sense that with a career as a band director, a musician, a businessman, and a lover of the marching arts that I would have the pleasure of leading Stanbury into what will be its 100 year anniversary next year.”

Gary held a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Southeast Missouri State University.