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100% washable construction gives the wearer both flexibility of movement and value. Synergy uniforms have a more tailored fit that has been utilized by the leading drum corps.

The story is usually about durability. While our Synergy line has a purpose, please allow us to change our story. Noticeably lighter and easier to care for. This is the lightest weight uniform we have ever produced while meeting the demands of some of the world’s top drum corps and marching units.


A Stanbury Exclusive

A clever mix of both Synergy and Celebrity construction combined with performance fabrics, the Fusion uniform offers the most freedom of selection. The Fusion uniform is offered in a dry-cleanable or washable construction.

Our goal was to transform the original time-tested construction into a lighter weight, easy care, more comfortable garment, without compromising the demand for endurance. Mission Accomplished!
The term “paradigm shift,” is over used, but our Fusion line will change the way you think of marching apparel.


Our top-of-the-line construction offers state-of-the-art innovation combined with time- tested sewing and craftsmanship. The fully constructed uniform offers enduring quality and value to the wearer.

This is where it all started. Built to the same standards our founder, Will Stanbury, implemented nearly a century ago. The Celebrity line is meant to be used and used hard. The ultimate blend of high fashion and work clothes.