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Brent Becker
Brent Becker

The designs of artist-educator Brent W. Becker have had tremendous impact on the current look of band uniforms. His portfolio of work demonstrates that it is possible to innovate while preserving tradition.

For Brent, a uniform does more than create uniformity or present an image – it is an expression of power and unity that echoes the passion of performance and reflects the unique visual heritage of the marching activity. Brent has recently worked with The Blue Stars, Santa Clara Vanguard, Madison Scouts, Pacific Crest, and Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps, as well as many of the nation’s top marching ensembles in the development of new uniforms.

Brent’s incredible drawing abilities; experience as a performer and educator; and, his knowledge of historical and contemporary uniform design laid the groundwork for his career as the Design Consultant at Stanbury Uniforms – a world-wide leader in uniform manufacturing.