Customized American Mace


Customized American Mace

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Peacocks original 58" American Mace can be customized to a shorter length of 52 inches. It comes in white or black shaft with chrome finished hardware.   It can be professionally hand wrapped with chain or cording and includes a rubber tip on the small end for safety.

Please select the shaft color, and if you would like the mace wrapped or unwrapped on this product page. Then add the selected mace chain, or the one or two cords you would like to the cart to complete check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm customization options.  For more information on the customization service email:

NOTE:  This custom mace is a made to order item - it is not returnable and is non-refundable. Lead time for customization is 30 days. Damage from dropping the mace is not a defect. No changes may be made to the mace once in production.

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From pure tradition to the most modern, high-performance athletic shoe in the business, the perfect shoe for field, floor or stage is right here.

– Stanbury and DSI